Magic Shroom Signet

Heart shroom signet takes a colourful and playful interpretation on illustrated liberty cap mushrooms, decorated with Tourmalines and Swiss topaz. It is hand engraved with Japanese chisel and coloured with cold enamel. The mushrooms have a 9ct yellow golden star stud. 

materials: silver 925, yellow gold 9ct, tourmalines, swiss topaz, cold enamel

If you would like to request the Magic Shroom Signet in different stone variation, or in gold, we do 9ct, 14ct and 18ct in all colours. Click here to request a custom order.

Our jewellery is carefully crafted by hand, please take care of your jewellery and refer to terms for sizing or any further information.

All jewellery is made to order, this piece requires 3-4 weeks to be made.