Our jewellery is made to last, but can be very delicate. Please take care while in possession of the jewellery. Most jewels are made from Sterling silver or gold and semi-precious or synthetic stones. Please be careful with the gemstones,  which can damage when accidentally knocking them. If they become cloudy and dark after time, wash them in water which a soft toothbrush to clean the build-up dirt under the gemstone. Most pieces are created for everyday wear, but there are a few, conceptual pieces from the collection that need extra care.

If the jewellery piece is stone-carved, be careful not to drop them. This can cause breakage.

Whether gold or silver, the metal will naturally scratch or mark throughout time. If the jewellery is engraved, the colour and the sharpness of the engraving will slightly change and become a bit darker.

The best way to store your jewellery is in a dry, padded and dark space. If you have any extra questions about how to take care of your piece or would like to get it cleaned and freshened up please contact us ︎ ︎