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Martina Kocianova is a jewellery artist known for creating fantastical and playful pieces inspired by the world of magic and mushrooms. Based in her London studio, she personally designs and crafts each piece of jewellery.

Martina's inspiration stems from her childhood memories of mushroom foraging with her mother in Slovakia. She reinterprets these memories into vibrant and conceptual jewellery designs.

One of Martina's key focuses is on traditional jewellery techniques, particularly hand engraving, gem carving, and stone setting. She has practised her skills during her time at Central Saint Martins, where she completed her Bachelor's degree.

Martina's meticulous attention to detail has always been a fundamental aspect of her work. She first discovered hand engraving during her placement at Castro Smith and has since continued to explore and incorporate this technique in her creations. Her passion for stone carving has been nurtured through mentorship from Charlotte De Syllas and further enhanced when she received a vintage lapidary machine as a gift from a friend. Martina skillfully translates her psychedelic and colourful language into her pieces using techniques such as cold enamel and stone setting.

Martina's childhood interest in mycology (the study of mushrooms) has been further reinforced through interactions with mycologists in Slovakia, such as the group Drž hubu as well as her own cultivation of mushroom mycelium and its integration into jewellery environments. Her conceptual projects often revolve around redefining the visuals and properties associated with mushrooms.

The visual language of mushrooms in Martina's jewellery, combined with her passion for high craftsmanship, has received support from the Swarovski Foundation. This support has enabled her to delve deeper into stone carving, hand engraving, and the use of precious materials.

After graduating, Martina received support from the Goldsmiths' Centre and pursued further studies in Japanese traditional jewellery techniques at the Aokin school in Japan. During this meditative period, she explored various techniques such as raising, Japanese chisel engraving, and inlay, among others.

It was during this transformative time that Martina recognised her need for self-expression through her own jewellery brand. With a blend of inspiration from her childhood, her passion for craftsmanship, and her exploration of innovative techniques, Martina embarked on her journey to establish her unique jewellery brand.