Mycelium in Jewellery

Martina Kocianova's lifelong fascination with mycology extends beyond creating captivating mushroom-inspired jewellery. Her fascination with mycology extends to her innovative use of mushroom mycelium material in her jewellery designs.

Through her collaboratio with Drž Hubu, a team of mycology specialists in Slovakia, Martina actively participates in cultivating mushroom mycelium either at home or in collaboration with them in their lab.

In her unique process, Martina sets the mycelium inside hand-carved crystals, creating an alternative to traditional gemstones. The mycelium grows within the jewellery, symbolising tiny worlds and planets, and offers an innovative mushroom alternative to conventional gemstones. This integration of mycelium material in je

wellery is a groundbreaking approach that hasn't been recognised before.

Martina's visionary designs, incorporating mycelium material, have gained recognition in the conceptual jewellery and fashion world. This concept offers an exciting and eco-friendly alternative to mass-market jewellery, aligning with the growing emphasis on sustainability and alive materials. The inherent beauty and uniqueness of mushroom mycelium result in wearable art pieces that are both visually stunning, distinctive and creatively conscious.

We aim to incorporate this remarkable material either directly within our jewellery pieces or in the form of packaging within the next year. Our current focus revolves around cultivating the ideal mushroom mycelium material that embodies recyclability, aesthetic beauty, and conveys the essence of mushrooms.

By embracing the captivating allure of nature and championing innovative materials, Martina invites you to explore her collection. Embark on a mesmerising journey into the realm of bespoke mushroom mycelium jewellery and become part of the movement toward more innovative and distinctive adornments.

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